If you missed the first half of the journey or want to recap all the adventures, destinations and images from last year, then this is the place to be. This website covers all the major points from Norman's autogyro adventure. Ranging from his first tentative dealings with the world of gyro's to his difficult decision to call half time on the journey whilst in the Philippines. We hope you enjoy it.

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Whilst in Hospital, undergoing treatment for Bowel Cancer, Norman watched a Channel 4 documentarty show called 'Salvage Squad'. The episode he saw was about the refurbishment of an Autogyro. And that was when the dream was born.

Curious to know more about Gyroplanes, Norman visits Carlisle Airport in Cumbria, England where he sees his first 'real' gyro flying.

With his appetite whetted and a bigger dream forming in his mind, Norman starts his gyrocopter training at Kirkbride Airfield in Cumbria under the tuition of Chris Jones. His first flight is in G-BUPM, a Magni VPM M16T.

Thoroughly immersed in the joys of Autogyro flying, Norman decides to have his own and in January 2006 places an order with Rotorsport UK for a factory built MT-03.

G-YROX arrives at Kirkbride Airfield. Norman now owns his own autogyro, an MT-03.

Following a period of conversion training to the MT-03 Norman flies solo for the first time in G-YROX

Norman undergoes the General Flight Test & Cross Country Navigation Flight under the watchful eye of examiner Dave Beevers.

Norman is awarded his Private Pilots Licence Gyroplanes, , by the UK Civil Aviation Authority. He is now a qualified autogyro/gyroplane pilot.

Norman successfully completes his first open-water crossing when he takes G-YROX across the Irish Sea, home to Larne in Northern Ireland. This flight needed special one-off insurance cover for the crossing.

Back home and fully qualified, Norman spends the next few months logging up his hours with many local and cross country flights.

These included his first 'International' flight when on the 22nd June he flew to Donegal in the Republic of Ireland.

Return flights to Kirkbride Airfield also took in a first landing in a field at a Bed and Breakfast in Cumbria!

Other flights took him to the Rotorsport HQ at Long Mynd in Shropshire, England and also a flight to the Scottish west coast saw him landing at Macrahanish Airport.

During this period Norman took part in an aerial tour of England which at times had at least 5 Gyro's in formation. From Larne he flew to Rufforth airfield in Yorkshire and journeyed as far south as Stoke airfield in Kent!

As a prelude to the upcoming circumnavigation attempt in 2010, Norman, along with two other 'Gyronauts', completed a 2000+ mile tour of France. This included two major open-water crossings; The Irish Sea and the English Channel, as well as long cross country legs that took them as far as Bois de la Pierre near Toulouse in the south west of France.


With less than two weeks to go before departure date, Norman flies G-YROX to the old RAF Battle of Britain airfield at Duxford, Cambridgeshire, England, now home to the Imperial War Museum, for the official launch of the Gyrox Goes Global adventure.

Here, the world's press and media were able to get their first view of the Gyro fully decked out in the Circumnavigation trim as well as being able to interview Norman about his upcoming journey.

It was also the first time the public got to see the red flying suit. Supplied by Ursuit Ltd, it is now famous across the world.

Norman also took the opportunity to visit the Imperial War Museum's own Autogyro, a 1930's Avro (Cierva) 671 Rota.

Following the Gyrox Goes Global Launch at Duxford, Norman flew to the Rotorsport UK HQ at Long Mynd in Shropshire for final upgrades to G-YROX needed for the circumnavigation attempt.

These upgrades included changing the suspension for a stronger version that would allow for an extra 50 kg to be added to the maximum take off weight. A much needed increase that will allow extra fuel to be carried for the longer open water crossings.

A new main rotor was attached and balanced to minimise the vibration felt through the joystick, a must for those legs where Norman would be 5 or 6 hours in the air. This work was carried out following the UK CAA had agreed to the modifications.

Regular followers of the Gyrox adventure will know that there are plans for a documentary that will chronicle the journey. On the 19th of March, 3 days before the departure date, the documentary crew arrived in Larne and proceeded to film Norman and G-YROX in their preparations for the journey.

This part of the documentary is available to watch on You Tube, the link is...




On the morning of Monday the 22nd March 2010, flew G-YROX the short distance from the farm that is home to the bright yellow autogyro and arrived at the Sandy Bay Playing Fields in Larne Northern Ireland.

He was greeted by hundreds of well-wishers, friends and family, all who had come to see Norman off on his adventure.

Amongst the crowds were assembled many members of the media, eager to capture the moment of departure.

Norman also received well wishes from civic dignitaries, including the Lord Mayor.

Following the media interviews and photo shoots Norman did his own version of a walkabout, shaking hands and chatting to as many people in the crowd as possible, saving special hugs and words for members of his family.

But with farewells said and photos taken, Norman lined G-YROX up and applied the throttle

The little yellow gyro raced down the playing field and rose majestically into the blue sky amidst hundreds of cheers from the crowd below.

A flypast followed with Norman doing the first wave and thumbs up that will become a regular feature of his departures around the world.

He then pointed the gyro eastwards, and headed out over the Irish Sea, flying past the impressive Chaine Memorial Tower, on his first leg of the journey. A journey that will see the first time ever an autogyro has circumnavigated the globe.

It will be a long time before G-YROX will feel the Irish ground beneath its tyres again and the pair of them will experience a thousand adventures on their journey around the world, but everyone at the Gyrox Team, The Authorised Facebook Fan Page, GyroxGoesGlobal and all the followers on Facebook, Twitter and the Blog wish them clear skies and happy landings until the day they return safely to the Larne playing fields.

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The Next Installment, Ireland to Crete, is now online.

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We are still trying to find a copy of the TV programme but if you want you can check the details out here...


Beautiful Carlisle Airport: Gateway to the Lake District

Beautiful Carlisle Airport: Gateway to the Lake District 

Norman's first lesson was in this Magni VPM,  G-BUPM

G-YROX looking rather bare without markings or circumnavigation stickers. 

 A proud owner with his trusty steed.

Norman Surplus - Gyroplane Pilot! Notice that he is already sporting the famous 'Gyro Grin'. 

Norman and G-YROX bask in the setting sun with the Drumlins as a backdrop. 

 Norman heads out across the Irish sea with the Scottish coast below.

Gyro Formation 

Norman flying over the French countryside. 

Norman and G-YROX flying over the world famous Millau Viaduct. 

Norman faces the world's media.

Undercarriage strengthening underway at Rotorsport's HQ 

The collapsable 88 litre extra fuel tank is fitted to the rear seat. Supplied by Turtlepac. 

Norman describes the Rotax engine to the documentary crew. 

Norman taxy's G-YROX down a farm track for the cameras. 

Norman and G-YROX arrive at the Sandy Bay Playing Fields (All departure photos courtesy of Stephen Craig) 

The Lord Mayor  wishes Norman Bon Voyage.

Norman chats with local schoolchildren. 

Norman says his final farewells to his wife and children. 

Norman and G-YROX line up for departure. 

Flying past the Chaine Memorial Tower Norman heads east and across the sea on the first leg of the journey. 


*     *     *